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There are over 670 species in our photo library . They are arranged for easy visual identification. They can be accessed either by name or by their appearance. Some information about each animal is provided. Choose "Species ID" from the main menu bar or follow this link  >>>>>

Creature Features

For some species, especially those of more local interest such as the Grey Nurse Sharks extra details are available.


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Sea creatures have unusual and interesting behaviours. This section provides some insights into life in the underwater world. Access via the main menu.

About Julian Rocks

Julian rocks

Julian rocks is situated within the Cape Byron Marine park in northern NSW, on the east coast of Australia.
It is home to over 1000 marine species including wobbegongs, rays, turtles, fish, nudibranchs and many more. It is an aggregation site for the endangered Grey Nurse Sharks, Carcharias taurus, who visit in winter. Leopard sharks visit Julian Rocks over summer.
This is where warm and cool waters meet, hence the enormous biodiversity. A minority of species are endemic to this area. Most are found over a wide area of the Asia-Pacific region.




Research & Conservation

The Grey Nurse Shark is our most iconic and endangered species.

Submit your photos to contribute to research and conservation.  >>>>>


Scientific names

Ever been intimidated by scientific names? Its actually a good system, and once its explained, its easy.    >>>>>


" Hooked on Julian Rocks"
A brilliant book - a fantastic collection of beautiful photographs.

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