Octopus tetricus Gould 1852
Sydney octopus, gloomy octopus
Octopus tetricus, Sydney octopus, gloomy octopus

Family Octopodidae - octopuses

The sydney octopus, Octopus tetricus, has an upper body which is mottled grey-brown, the underside of the arms is rusty orange, arms of unequal length, the eyes are white. The sydney octopus eats crustaceans and shellfish.It is more active at night when it may leave its lair in search of food. It drills through shells and poisons its prey then opens the shells to eat the contents. A lair can often be recognised by the the discarded bivalve shells nearby.

Distribution =   common on east coast, southern NSW to Moreton Bay, Qld.
Max size =   arms to 80cms long.