John Natoli

   Certification Padi Rescue Diver
   Address: Gold Coast, Australia
   Occupation: Real Estate Agent
   Mobile: 0414 453 221

John is a regular visitor to Byron Bay and dives Julian Rocks every Friday.
"My attraction to Julian Rocks began with the desire to dive with Grey Nurse sharks ... and now I am hooked on sharks ... and constantly amazed at the diversity of marine life at Julian Rocks. From the sharks, to pelagics and various species of anemone fish ... through to the numerous species of nudibranchs Julian Rocks provides a prolific concentration of marine life - big and small, all in one location. This makes every dive at Julian a different diving experience. Capturing the images of my experiences extends the thrill of diving into my home and allows me to share these moments with my family and friends.
I use a Nikon D200 housed in an Ikelite housing with Ikelite strobes."

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