Acanthopagrus australis owen 1853
yellowfin bream, silver bream, bream
Acanthopagrus australis, yellowfin bream,  silver bream, bream

family Sparidae - snapper & bream

Bream, Acanthopagrus australis, have a silver to olive green body, with yellow pelvic and anal fins, estuarine species are darker. They are usually found in small to large schools. Bream mature in 3-4 years. After their first spawning many males become female. Spawning occurs in late autumn or winter at the entrance to estuaries. Most eggs drift out to sea and the tiny juveniles return to the estuaries after about a month. Adults are found in large numbers in estuaries and shallow coastal waters.

Distribution =   northern Victoria to Townsville
Max size =   65 cms