bigeye, glasseye

family Priacanthidae - bigeyes

Bigeyes or Glasseyes are a widely distributed family of about 17 species, 3 of which are known from SE Australia. The most obvious characteristic of this family is their large glassy eyes. The lateral line is complete and high along the fish's side. The silvery colour is usually seen when the fish are out in the open , particularly when they swim over sand , the red colour is adopted when they are in a shaded area such as a cave or overhang .
1) The silver fish is Priacanthus blochii or Priacanthus hamrur which is characterised by a crescent shaped tail.
2) The brown fish is Heteropriacanthus cruentatus or Priacanthus macracanthus
3) The red fish is probably Priacanthus blochii

Distribution =   worldwide tropical & subtropical
Max size =   50cms