Family Euryleptidae
family Pseudocerotidae

Flatworms are members of the phylum Platyhelminthes. They are completely unrelated to nudibranchs but are similar in colour, size and habitat. They differ in that they are typically very thin and lack external gills. There are four main classes of Platyheminthes, three of which are parasitic. The fourth class Turbellaria are mainly marine and free swimming.The brightly coloured members of the order Polycladia are the ones most usually noticed, and are the ones described here. They usually feed on soft coral or bryozoans

phylum - Platyhelminthes
class - Turbellaria
order - Polycladida

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Pseudobiceros bedfordi, persian carpet flatworm Pseudobiceros fulgor Pseudoceros bifurcus, racing stripe flatworm
Pseudoceros heronensis Pseudoceros imitatus Pseudoceros leptostichus
Pseudoceros monostichos Cycloporus venustus, blue flatworm
Pseudoceros sp2, flatworm Pseudoceros sp18, flatworm flatworm
flatworm Pseudoceros, flatworm unidentified flatworm