Dasyatis kuhlii Muller & Henle 1841
blue-spotted stingray, blue-spotted maskray
Dasyatis kuhlii, blue-spotted stingray, blue-spotted maskray

family Dasyatididae

The blue-spotted stingray, Dasyatis kuhlii, is brownish-grey, with irregular blue spots on its back. It is mainly solitary but can sometimes found in large aggregations. They carry stinging barbs. The photo below is a close-up of the eye and spiracle . Spiracles are the inlets to the rays' respiratory systems. For bottom dwellers it is useful to have spiracles on the tops of their heads, so that the water which enters is as free from sediment as possible. The gills are on the underside of the body.

Distribution =   widespread Indo-West Pacific
Max size =   width 40cms