Manta alfredi (Krefft 1868)
manta ray, devil ray
Manta alfredi, manta ray

Family = Mobulidae / Myliobatidae

Mantas are the largest rays, with a short tail and distinctive cephalic lobes. In Manta alfredi, the mouth is at the front of the head, as shown in the pictures. In pygmy mantas the mouth is on the underside. Despite their large size they are plankton feeders and are harmless unless provoked. The cephalic lobes (the skin flaps on the front of the head) can be used to help them direct food into their mouths. when not in use, the cephalic lobes can be rolled spirally, giving the appearance of horns.Manta rays are usually solitary or in small groups. They are often accompanied by remoras or black cobia. There are some sites to which mantas will regularly return to rest on the bottom whilst being cleaned. Female manta rays produce one or two pups at a time.

Distribution =   world wide, circum tropical
Max size =  5m disc width